Facial Treatments


Call in for expert advice and assistance on the perfect for your skin type. We provide a wide range of facial treatments. Please contact us to book your appointment.
Regenerative Facial: All Skin Types
Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, face, neck & shoulder massage, specific mask tone & nourish 60 mins: £35.00
Treatment Facial: Oily combination skin
Cleanses & purifies with an exfoliant peel, steam, extraction & Galvanic frequency tightens open pores to leave the skin fresh & free from problems 75 mins: £37.50
Skin Brushing Facial: All skin types
Low level micro-currents introduce specific solutions into the skin to increase circulation to tighten pores and refine the skin 75 min: £37.50 90 mins (with face, neck & shoulder massage: £42.00
Depilex Vibroderm Facial: All skin types
A personal treatment for all skins, deep cleansing, skin peel, toning, hydrating & relaxing 75 mins: £39.50
Mini Micro Advanced Anti-Aging Facial
Anti-Aging Facial TreatmentsLifts & tones facial muscles, visibly reduces fine lines & wrinkles leaving the skin smooth & radiant Single Treatment: 90 mins: £45.00 Course of 10: Get one free: £405.00