IPL Hair Removal

IPL offers pain-free & ultra-fast hair removal treatments, delivering an effective full body treatment

The advanced technology of the InteliBrite can be used to deliver a range of treatments. Treatments can be provided on the face or body, over a course of sessions. Improvement begins on the first session and increases until the programme is complete. Treatment is fast and results are long-term, or permanent.

The hair follicle is targeted and destroyed by the light energy, regrowth is disabled. Skin is left smooth and free from hair.

  • Treatment time is reduced by an amazing 80%
  • Treatment comfort is unbeaten (It’s totally painless and sensation free)
  • Unwanted skin heating is minimised and thanks to residual heating results are better than ever and achieved much faster
  • Please note the image above right is a picture after a session of treatments.

IPL is not a one time treatment it takes multiple treatments for you to achieve the best results.

A skin test & Consultation is required before treatment at a cost of £25.00 which is redeemable against your first treatment.


Upper Lip £30.00

Chin £30.00

Neck Area £50.00

Lip & Chin £50.00

Cheeks £75.00

Full Face £99.00

Male Beard £99.00


Full Legs Including standard Bikini line £199.00

Full Legs £149.00

3/4 Legs £129.00

Half Legs £99.00


Standard Bikini £59.00

Brazilian £89.00


Underarms £59.00

Forearm £79.00

Hands & Fingers £49.00


Back – Small Area £99.00

Back – Full £149.00

Chest – Small Area £79.00

Chest – Full £129.00

Abdomen – Small area £49.00

Abdomen – Full £89.00